Do e cigarettes get you high?

When regular smokers of tobacco switch to e cig smoking, their experience is varied in nature. Some smokers adjust fast to the changed environment of e smoking and begin to enjoy their second hand vapor, which reminds them of their old smoking habit. While a few face challenges, in their new e cig smoking habit. Due to the presence of PG or propylene glycol in their e liquid, some new e cig smokers experience inflammation in their throat and severe coughing. One of the common questions which a smoker queries before switching to e cig smoking is, whether e cig smoking gives you a high like traditional tobacco smoking? Below for the convenience of the reader, this issue is discussed in detail.

What happens when you smoke a traditional tobacco cig?

  • When you smoke a traditional paper cig, you ignite the cig with fire. This fire creates a high combustion environment.
  • The output from the tobacco burning is the second hand smoke, rich in toxic substances like carbon monoxide, tar and 599 other addictive substances.
  • As a smoker when you inhale the poisonous second hand smoke into your lungs, you receive your dose of kick. This creates a feeling of high among traditional smokers.
  • Here it must be mentioned that carbon monoxide has very sedative elements in it. Therefore when the inhaled smoke enters your lungs and your brain, you enjoy the sedated feeling. This element makes tobacco smoking very addictive.

When an e cig smoker smokes his e cig, does he receive the same kick like traditional cig smokers?

When you smoke a traditional e cigarette, you are smoking a nicotine flavored vapor, which is created as you inhale air into your e cig and the atomizer gets heated by the e cig battery. In e cig smoking, there is absence of two main elements of traditional smoking which are:

  • When smoking your e cigarette, you enjoy the second hand nicotine vapor, which has less percentage of nicotine. A strong percentage of nicotine is one of the elements, due to which a traditional cigarette smoke receives his kick.
  • Another element is that during e cig smoking, you do no not have the existence of any second hand smoke containing carbon monoxide. Therefore the e cig smoker enjoys the basic habit of smoking, without the harmful sedative effects of carbon monoxide, which lulls the sensation of the tobacco smoker. Thus the e cig smoker does not receive the high in its e smoking.
  • In the e cig smoking process there is no presence of psychoactive elements. These psychoactive substances have drastic effects on the smoker’s psychology. This is one of the reasons why a smoker reaches out for his cigarette fag, when he is very stressed out or in a panic situation. After a regular smoke, the same person is relaxed and in control. The reason behind the smoker’s relaxed nature is that, the psychoactive elements have calmed him down and soothed his strained nerve.

When one considers the above reasons, e cig smoking does not create high for its smoker like traditional tobacco smoking. Being a healthy option for most smokers it encourages the smoker to control its addiction and finally quit smoking.